Sociology of childhood

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What Is Sociology of Childhood?

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Sociology of the family

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Sociology of the family

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Sociology of Childhood and Children's Rights MA

Outlining sociology’s distinctive contribution to childhood studies and our understanding of contemporary children and childhood, The Sociology of Children, Childhood and Generation provides a thought provoking and comprehensive account of the connections between the macro worlds of childhood and the micro worlds of children’s everyday.

The Sociology of Childhood is highly recommended for use as the core text in courses on the sociology of children and childhood, as well as for parents, teachers, and other adults interested in the social lives and development of children.

It can also be used in early education, child development, and child psychology courses, and as a supplemental text in the area of family studies. The sociology of childhood developed quite rapidly in the s and s as a critical discipline within the field of childhood studies.

What Is Sociology of Childhood?

The Sociology of Childhood and Children's Rights MA will introduce students to a range of contemporary social theories about childhood and children's rights, critically explore social constructions of childhood, and consider the implications these have for professional practice and research with children and young people.

Outlining sociology’s distinctive contribution to childhood studies and our understanding of contemporary children and childhood, The Sociology of Children, Childhood and Generation provides a thought provoking and comprehensive account of the connections between the macro worlds of childhood and the micro worlds of children’s everyday Madeleine Leonard.

Aug 20,  · The sociology of childhood is a sub-field of sociology that developed in the late 20th century. It seeks to define the nature of childhood and its relationship to society of as a whole.

Relationships involving children, children's rights, and biological and cultural aspects of childhood are all subjects of research within the sociology of childhood.

Sociology of childhood
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