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Mercury Athletic Valuing the Opportunity Case Solution

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 Mercury Athletic Footwear Overview Active Gear, Inc. is a privately held footwear company with $ million in revenue inmaking it relatively small compared to big players in the athletic and casual footwear industry.

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Mercury Athletic: Valuing the Opportunity Case Study Analysis & Solution

Team 5 Mercury Athletic Valuation New target market Asset protection strategy Competitive advantage Mercury appropriate target? Incorporating the loss from discontinuing the women's casual line. Essay Mercury Athletic Case. Executive Summary The footwear industry is highly competitive industry with fairly stable profit margins.

Active Gear is a profitable firm in the industry; however Active Gear is a smaller firm than many other competitors and its small size is becoming a competitive disadvantage.

Mercury competes in four main product lines: men s and women s athletic and casual footwear. Men s athletic footwear is the leading product for Mercury Athletic. Women s casual footwear is Mercury s worst performing product and post-acquisition the line may be discontinued by Active Gear.

Mercury Athletic Footwear Case Essay Mercury athletic footwear Group 7 Contents Executive Summary & Overview of Problems 3 Analysis on Mercury acquisition 4 1. Reasons why Mercury is an appropriate target for AGI 4 2.

Mercury athletic footwear case essay
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Mercury Athletic: Valuing the Opportunity [10 Steps] Case Study Analysis & Solution