Blister agents a chemical warfare agents essay

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Blister Agents: A Chemical Warfare Agents Essay - The use of Blister agents has been known for more than years.

Blister agents are the largely common Chemical warfare agents and are. Blistering Agents, like mustard gas, were seen as the most dreadful of all chemical weapons in World War I.

Unlike the other gases which attacked the respiratory system, this gas acts on any exposed, moist skin, which makes it extremely dangerous. Often referred to as the “ poor man’s bomb,” chemical weapons require a relatively low investment, can cause severe psychological and physical effects and are agents of disruption.

SULFUR MUSTARD : Blister Agent

Chemical Warfare Agents Chapter 27 CHEMICAL WARFARE AGENTS FREDERICK R. SIDELL, MD INTRODUCTION CHEMICAL WARFARE AGENTS AND THEIR CLINICAL EFFECTS Nerve Agents Vesicants Cyanide Pulmonary Agents In addition to causing blisters. Chemical Warfare Agents. Chemical Warfare Agents.

Chemical Agents. Most chemical warfare agents are liquids that evaporate into vapors at varying rates.

Gas in The Great War

As effective weapons, they would need to be widely spread by a spray or explosion indoors. Jan 02,  · Mustard agents are simple to manufacture and therefore can be a first choice for countries or terrorists who decide to have a capacity for chemical warfare agents. Mustard agents may be delivered by artillery shell, mortar shell, rockets, bombs, or aircraft spray.

Blister agents a chemical warfare agents essay
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